success comes from service

our approach


we customize our service for each of our clients based their exact needs. ideally, we work with a company that has a great product/service but does not have the market exposure they need to achieve success. we are the bridge from your product to your success.

why scfs?


we believe that you cannot have maximum impact without providing maximum value. we also believe that value is a by-product of high quality service. we thrive in the chain reaction of service>value>impact>success.

our team

Justin Lafitte, chief executive officer & co-founder


With over 4.5 years of highly successful outside SaaS sales and client relationship building, Justin decided that there was more that he could do to impact others. SCFS was born from a passion for providing value to others. After all, success comes from service. 

Brandon Salisbury, chief operating officer & co-founder


Brandon's life revolves around bringing great things to great people. SCFS made so much sense to him because now he gets to do what he loves every day; discover great products, and bring them as the solution to whoever needs it. The journey is challenging and thrilling at the same time!

Tristen Hines, chief business development officer


Tristen brings several years of experience in consulting, SaaS and enterprise sales, CRM development and training, and more. We are thrilled to have him as our CBDO to help us establish best practices and relationships with our clients.